Writing 101 Day One: Unlock the mind: Weird stuff and tmi

Stream of consciousness writing may not be my strong suit. I’d have to describe myself as an introvert, that doesn’t mean I don’t like people, it means I lose energy when interacting with others as opposed to extroverts that are energized by others. In addition, I have a high tolerance for solitude and have been described as a “control freak”. I’m not completely on-board with that last one because it seems to me that of the many things I would like to be able to control, I recognize that I actually control almost none. Maybe I’m wrong but that doesn’t strike me as the hallmark of a person with a compulsion to be in control. Still, I do like the things I do to be done well and like others on my team to do their best as well. Perhaps that reads as controlling.

Typically, I don’t do things that I’m not good at, although recently I’ve been changing that. Hence I have joined a sports league where I consistently score dead last. However, my son also participates so I do enjoy it. And the other members are wonderful folks. Oh, I should mention that 95% of the participants are men. Being one of a few women in any situation has never bothered me, in fact, I’ve always preferred it that way. I studied Electrical Engineering in the late 1970’s when there were two women enrolled in the EE curriculum at George Washington University, a fairly large institution. I pursued a long career in IT where it was quite common for me to be the only female on the team, at the seminar, in the class, on the project, etc. Maybe I’m from Mars, but I always enjoyed it.

Recently, I made a complete 180 without even trying. I left IT without a backward glance and started a Home Health Agency. The vast majority of caregivers in this country are females. In my new role, I have never employed a male. The weird thing is I enjoy this work just as much as the IT work, even more in some ways. I meet so many people: clients, employees, other business owners. Of course I’m still an introvert, but I do enjoy getting to know the people I meet and hearing their stories. My family has jokingly started to refer to me as a “social butterfly”.

Well, this is certainly not what I thought I would write about when I started this post, but I guess that is the point of the exercise. Although I was fretting about it all day and checking The Commons to see what others were posting, in the end I kind of enjoyed the exercise.




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