Writing 101 Day 4, Serial Killer: Meet, Lose, Repeat

I know from the first moment I meet Myles that our time together will be brief. Sometimes that’s how it goes.  With others I have more time. I meet his family members first, a wife and two grown sons with children of their own.

They are a wonderful, loving family, so it is easy for me to connect with them. I oversee this case personally because I know the time with Myles will be short. I spend time with him and get to know him. He is polite and kind and totally devoted to his wife whom he refers to as “my sweet Dottie.” She is the first person he asks to see every morning. I form fond memories of Myles and Dottie.

The family members come to me with questions. They follow my advice about bathing and safety and quickly get all the needed equipment. They are focused on what they believe will extend his time with them: stay in bed, take the pain meds even if they are not yet needed, drink only water and eat only the prescribed diet.

I fail to convince them of the things I know to be important. Take him outside to sit in the sun. Sit up and talk with him at night when he can’t sleep. It’s okay for him to have a few sips of his favorite orange soda.

It is nearly four weeks from the day I meet Myles until the day we lose him. In the end, he was at home, surround by his loving family. Who can ask for more. I praise the Lord for providing me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful man, such a wonderful family.


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