A Modern Kingdom-Woman

Is it an oxymoron to talk about a modern kingdom-woman? After riding out the ups and downs of my career over the past thirty years, I find myself at a place in my life where I am thinking more than ever about living my life in accordance with God’s will and plan for me. To that end, I have been reading a bit about a God’s desire for women, which brought me to the book Kingdom Woman by Dr. Tony Evans.

Dr. Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans

For years I’ve enjoyed listening to Dr. Evans’ entertaining but hard-hitting sermons on the radio. He frequently preaches about family life and raising children, perhaps topics that are less applicable to me now that my husband and I are empty-nesters. Still, when looking for reading material, I always turn to teachers that I know to be faithful to the biblical message. Hence, I am reading my first book by Dr. Evans.

Like many Christian women, I’ve spent many an hour studying Proverbs 31. I’ve attended seminars built around it. Still, I found something new in Dr. Evan’s treatment of it. While Proverbs 31 represents the model or goal for women, it is still overwhelming to read through the long list of ideals and wonder how I can ever hope to achieve them. In his book, Dr. Evans has distilled the goals down to arrive at what seems to be a more attainable list of the attributes of a modern day Proverbs 31 woman:

  • Honor and respect her husband,
  • Feed and clothe her family with the healthiest and finest she can afford,
  • Invest the use of her skills in a personal business,
  • Speak wisely and kindly to others,
  • Dressed attractively, and
  • Help the poor

The only item with which I would presume to differ with Dr. Evans is “dress attractively.” As a woman in America where the notion of “attractive” female dress is a topic of much interest and consternation, I would go with something along the lines of “paying attention to one’s dress” or “dressing appropriately”.

To my way of thinking, these goals are s appropriate for modern women as they were for a women living thousands of years ago.